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Harbor Fuel Alternative Energy Solutions

At Harbor Fuel Oil, our goal is to be proactive in making our planet clean and green for future generations to enjoy. That is why we offer alternative energy solutions like solar and geothermal to our valued customers.

Solar Panels on Roof


Solar Basics

Solar energy is a bright idea in home comfort. Reliable, efficient and eco-friendly solar products can be integrated into any existing heating and/or hot water system. A solar collector, energy storage tank, solar panels and all controls are quickly and easily installed in your home for a variety of comfort system applications. Solar can also be used for swimming pool heating, hot tubs and air conditioning. It's a clean, green way to increase your energy independence - while decreasing your fuel bills!

Solar Benefits

Solar energy is unlimited, free, and produces no air or water pollution - and solar heating is reliable, efficient, eco-friendly, and dramatically decreases heating and hot water costs. More than 90% of incoming solar radiation is transferred to heat, and solar energy covers over 75% of hot water needs for a family of four, with a corresponding reduction in the use of traditional fuels. Our system is so efficient it even enables you to have hot water at night and on cloudy days!


Geothermal Basics

A geothermal system consists of pipes buried shallow in the ground, or in the case that space does not allow, in vertical bores. In the summer the geothermal heat pump removes the heat from your home or building and stores it in the ground. In the winter the geothermal unit essentially returns the heat that was transferred to the ground from the summer months back into your home. The excess capacity that is inherently available is deposited into a hot water storage tank. A variety of installations are possible, depending on your comfort needs and property requirements. Generous financing is available.

Geothermal Benefits

Geothermal heat pumps have many benefits: They are 30% to 40% more efficient than "regular" air-source heat pumps, conserve fossil fuel resources, and provide clean heating and cooling. And, because geothermal heat pumps are mechanically simple and outside parts of the system are below ground and protected from the weather, maintenance costs are often lower, too.

Contact us about setting up a free, no-obligation solar or geothermal consultation in your home.

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